Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Back from Outdoor School!

I am back everybody!

Outdoor School fall session is officially full of amazing people but you can still get in on this awesome chance!

During the Spring people can sign-up again to try to be outdoor school leaders! Lots of fun people don't miss out on this kind of action!

Last week September 29th- October 4th at the Howard Camp Site and it was loads of fun. I was never able to go to Outdoor School as an 6th grader but if I would've I would have gone to the Howard site. This week we had children from the school Jackson, Woodlawn, East Sylvan, and Clear Creek middle school. All of the students that we had were amazing bright children. I had the pleasure of meeting all of them and I was also chosen as an honorable Student Leader, so I got to help out with the ceremonial tree planting and say why I chose to come to Outdoor School.

Being at Outdoor School has enlightened my entire life and touched my heart. This place is the place at the end of the winding road, and it helps people find out what kind of person they want to be. I want other people to have the same kind of experience I had the pleasure of being apart of, sadly for me this last week I had might end up being my last but I still feel like Outdoor School is something that needs to be fought for. Last year the people of Outdoor School had put in a bond in order to get fundings so that students will be able to get full weeks, but the bond was not past. We did get some fundings but not enough for students to actually have an full week at this amazing place. We need YOUR help to fund Outdoor School, here in Oregon you can send a letter to you legislature to help Outdoor School out. Don't be afraid and just do it! It will help us out in the long run.

Peace out!

-KT Olsen

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Outdoor School

What is Outdoor School? What is it about? How can I get in?

Those are all really good questions and let me answer them for you in explicit detail.

One, what is Outdoor School? Outdoor School is a place where sixth graders go learn about the outdoors and are taught by high school volunteers who put in their own time away from school and home. They go and teach these kids about many things like animals, plant life, water, and even the soil. By the time these sixth graders are done they know more then the average child who doesn't have the awesome chance to go to Outdoor School.

Two, what is Outdoor School about?  Outdoor School is all about the kids. The volunteers and the staff that work their take their time to make sure that the kids have the time of their life and leave wanting to come back and be volunteers themselves. It's also up to the volunteers to make sure that when the sixth graders are at outdoor school they are safe and at the same time not bored. When one of the kids are bored then it is your job as the volunteer that they find something fun to do; whether it's talking about their time at field study or what kind of song or game they would like to play.

Three, How can I get in? Well there are two ways as to how you can get into Outdoor School 1) You must be a sixth grade that goes to a school that allows children to go or 2) Be a volunteer from a high school that accepts Outdoor School Volunteer's. Number two is probably the best bet for most of you readers. You can also do outdoor school when you are in high school, you won't exactly be a Student Leader (name of high school volunteers) you will be a Sneed. This stands for a Special Needs children, and you will be touring that student around and giving them help around the camp, even during their Field Study.

Outdoor School is the best to go too when you want to have some volunteer hours under your belt. Even though you may have other chances for volunteer hours like your church, or an community day at the school, but the best place to go to is Outdoor School; you get over a hundred hours of volunteer hours, you have a lot of fun with the kids, and you make friendships there that last forever. They may be people who go to different schools or live in another city, you guys will still be friends though.

This place is going to be your home from home. It's the place you are going to want to be once you have volunteered there once. Outdoor School has done this for me and I am sure that I will do the same for you. Come give it a try, I am positive that you are going to love it.

                                                                   We Are Waiting!

Contact Information:
Outdoor school website-
MESD Office website-
MESD Office Address- 1161 NE Ainsworth Circle, Portland, Oregon 97220
MESD Phone Number- 503-225-1841

-KT Olsen